Sign the Petition

Calling all vegans, this petition is directed at UK eateries to request that they provide more vegan-friendly menus by both including more vegan options, in line with the surge in demand, and by labelling vegan options on their main menu.

According to a recent survey undertaken by the Ethical Consumer magazine, there are over 542,000 vegans now living in the UK, rising by 360 % in the last 10 years. This proves that veganism is one of Britain’s fastest growing lifestyle movements. This study also demonstrated that in 2015 half of Britain’s top restaurant chains failed to offer even one vegan main course. Whilst we have seen an improvement over the past year, restaurants in the UK are not yet doing enough to cater to this increasing population.

In addition to contending with limited options, one of the biggest challenges when eating out is a lack of clear labelling which can turn a pleasant vegan dining experience into more hassle than it should be. A number of popular eateries are leading the way by labelling vegan options on their main menu to allow those wishing to enjoy a vegan meal the same convenience as those opting for non-vegan items.

Please join us in urging UK eateries to respond to the demand for change, this simple step can help to bring greater awareness to a rewarding way of life and just how easy it can be when accepted as a social norm rather than an ‘alternative’ lifestyle.

Whatever your reasons for being or considering becoming vegan, be it compassion, ending the unnecessary suffering of billions of animals every year; the preservation of our precious planet Earth; or the countless health and wellbeing benefits, please sign the petition today and take us one step closer to changing perceptions and driving the movement forward.